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    I'm a long time fan of Guardian Cross, Square Enix's other Battle card strategy game, so I thought I'd give Deadman's Cross a go when it was released.

    I'm enjoying it so far, as I thought I would. It's set in the near future 3 months after a zombie apocalypse has broken out. You play the hero and have to perform basic actions in the game. These range from taking on jobs where you perform searches, hunting deadmen or battling other's decks in a coliseum type event called the Boneyard.

    It allows you to play for free each day, but you soon run out of stamina, hunt tickets and boneyard tickets, and unless you want to wait 2 and a half hours for your stamina to recharge it's very tempting to spend money on in-app purchases to continue your progress there and then, which is what Square Enix want of course. At the moment I haven't spent any money as I'm waiting to see if I'm going to be playing the game long term. I currently intend to as, like I said, I've been playing Guardian Cross for over a year now and still enjoy it.

    There are a few things I'm wondering about though...

    1. It's rated as a 17+ game so I wasn't sure what to expect after the PG Guardian Cross, but does anyone else think the inclusion the f-word in the in-game dialogue between the characters feel out of place?

    2. Is anyone else suffering from a bug whereby you get kicked from the hunt screen after a hunt and you lose your cards? This has made me wary of spending money to buy in-game coins as I don't want to lose cards from a hunt I've paid real money for.

    3. Has anyone had any success in catching the 4* super rare or 5* ultra rare cards yet? All I seem to have caught at the moment are 3* rare cards or below. If so, how many hunts did it take you to get one?

    4. Has anyone won more than a hunt ticket out of the daily lottery feature - that's all I seem to get. I really want to win the Isaac Newton card!


    Finally, there are friend referral schemes in place, so if you haven't tried the game yet and think you might, be sure to enter the following code when setting up your account: 955346H

    It will get you a 3* rare Nun card when your account reaches level 5. It's a great card to have as it helped me reach a high rank on the first Boneyard event. Also, if you play Guardian Cross, reaching level 5 in Deadman's Cross will get you a 5* Deadman Titan card to use in GC!

    If you haven't even tried Guardian Cross yet, or you did but haven't played it in months, be sure to enter my referral code for that game too: SR17987 as it'll get you a similar reward there too!

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