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    Dead Bunker - the horror game - it's one of the few games that really make you scared of this.

    The whole gameplay is in first person. You go through a huge old bunker, where the incident took place unknown, after which all employees were either dead or missing. In order to classify all the information on the "Bunker - 18", the Soviet government sealed all the entrances to the bunker. Here and here you have gone to his head, something to solve the causes of the disaster that befell this place.

    Dark, gloomy corridors bunker, sneaking to shiver. A derelict rooms that seem to have only very recently been working people fearsome. Every minute of your stay in this evil place, will force the player as soon as possible to leave it. But it is not so simple, as it were, you wanted to. After all, we need answers to questions about what happened in the "B-18". Exploring the hopper meter by meter, you will find information that will help solve the later events have occurred here. Of the secret documents did you know that there are only five media with encrypted data that will shed light on the "B-18". Stunning graphics, bone-atmosphere and the sound will not let you fall asleep at the game.

    Attention: We are not responsible for damaged or broken devices, is also not recommended to play the game nervous and mentally unstable people.



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