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Discussion in 'iPad 2 Forum' started by ChristianaR, Aug 13, 2012.

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    I have birthdays and anniversaries in my contacts, which show up in my calendar. This is great. However, a few months ago while overseas, I noticed on my iPhone that some of the dates had altered by a day - so I corrected them. Alas, now my iPad contacts are now one day out. Each time I correct on one, the other goes awry.
    I've tried deleting everything off the iPad and iCloud, and reinstalling - this hasn't fixed it. Does anyone else have this prob? Is it a known fault? I've tried googling and searching the forums, but can't find any answers. Dear ipadites, please show lead me to the path of enlightenment. I suspect the culprit was due to me changing time zones - but why would that change a date in Contacts?
    On a side note, if I know you, expect your birthday present to be a day late until I get this sorted. Currently I'm at risk of missing my own birthday - help!
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    Sounds like your "correcting" the dates jumbled things. You might have to delete the birthdays from your contacts' entries and re-enter them.

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