Dandelion Patter Resilience PU Leather Case [Review]

Discussion in 'iPAD MINI Accessories' started by Sonicrobby, Apr 18, 2013.

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    So I got a case for my ipad mini. At first I was hesitant, wondering if it was necessary, but in the end it proved itself more useful than not. I got this book-like case. I personally am not too fond of the design, but the message on it is pretty heartwarming. But overall I like this case a lot, borderline love it.

    As a college student, I am a big fan of cases that make an iPad seem less like an iPad. Because I just basically carry around a binder and my iPad, people usually see it, and since the mini (at that time) was the latest apple announcement, I always got stopped and asked questions about it. While I dont mind helping people make decisions, or informing them about that awesome product, hearing the same questions over and over gets kind of annoying. So a case that disguises my iPad as a book is just perfect. Attached to the front cover of the case is a little magnetic flap (which can be seen in the attached images) which keeps the case in a secure closed position when you need it to. And for those of you who are wondering, it is equipped with a smart-like cover, with the auto lock and unlock features, but it has kind of a small tolerance. So if its not lined up exactly in the right spot, it may not work.

    The iPad is held into place by a sturdy hard-cover backplate. The iPad fits nicely into it, and I feel 100% confident that it wont come out unless you want it to. Ive held it upside down and shook it various ways, and it doesnt even budge. So your iPad is definitely safely attached. To take it out, simply detach the iPad from the corners. This is definitely a big plus in my book. I personally cant stand those cases that secure the iPad but are near impossible to get off. I sometimes like to just hold my naked iPad to appreciate its size, weight, and design (dont judge me!) so the ease of adding/removing a case from the iPad is a big deal for me.

    As for the features of this case, it also acts as its own stand. In landscape mode there are 2 groves on the inside of the front cover where the iPad can safely rest and not fall over, and you can relaxingly enjoy a movie. Although there are only 2 groves, it is capable of 3 different viewing angles (all 3 included in the images). And obviously in portrait mode, you can stand it up like a book.

    The buttons and camera are all accessible whether the case is open or closed. Though sometimes you do have to angle your fingers a bit to get the volume buttons to work. This is no fault of the case though, its mostly the iPad design. Im that weirdo who appreciates the iPad 1 for its flat side design. But the taper of the mini does make it hard for case makers.

    Lastly, some of you may wonder how it may fair in drops. I can say pretty well from what Ive experienced. No, I have not and never will throw my iPad across the room or intentionally drop it from a high point just to test out a cases resistance. But I have unintentionally dropped my iPad (with this case attached) 3 times from a height of maybe 3 or 4 feet each time, and I could not be happier with the outcome. My tablet was completely undamaged. Upon review, the case does look like its made of a great shock-resistant material.

    So overall, if you are looking for a good discrete case that provides protection, stand-capabilities, and the ease of adding/removing the case, for a LOW LOW price of $8, I would definitely recommend this.

    If you want to pick one up yourselves, you can find them here in different colors too.

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    Great review, many thanks!

    The Archangel
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    i like the picture you have taken.thanks a lot:thumbs:

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