Cyberfish-Terminator for iPad

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    Cyberfish-Terminator for iPad

    also available for iPhone

    Put yourself in control and rid the beautiful 3D environments from Cyberfish, testing your patience, timing and skill on your quest to the source of evil!


    After a disagreement between a scientist and a welder, a new villain ascended from the Moon to the Earth, meaning someone has to clean up the mess. You are positioned as the main freedom fighter, using the best technology available for such a task. However technology won't help without skill and you must fight from below the water, straight to outer space challenging your patience, timing and observation skills with a limited amount of ammunition. Are you sure you can complete the task?


    - Splendid 3D Graphics
    - Challenging and unique gameplay
    - Multiple Levels
    - Pick up and play

    iTunes Link: Cyberfish-Terminator for iPad on the iTunes App Store

    [ame=""]Cyberfish-Terminator Game Trailer[/ame]


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