CTIA’s Know My App Tool Informs Users on App Data Usage Prior to Purchase

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    CTIA The Wireless Association is a trade group that represents the international wireless telecommunications industry with members consisting of cellular, personal communication services and enhanced specialized mobile radio providers and suppliers. Now, it has released a very useful new solution, called Know My App that lets you estimate an app’s data usage before downloading it.

    You will find on the website of the Know My App app a growing list of popular mobile apps with their respective data usage that has been broken down in several useful categories. Thus, by using this really helpful tool, you will be able to know how much data your favorite app is using when it’s downloaded, at initialization, during active run time and during background time.

    At the moment, there are Android and iOS apps listed there. AppleInsider has tested music streaming service Pandora for iOS and found out that an average use of 2526.57MB per month was registered, which represents 842 percent of a 300MB plan, 246 percent of a 1GB plan and 61 percent of a 4GB plan. Keep an eye on this tool as more apps will be added.

    Source: AppleInsider, iPhoneforums

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