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    We present you Crystal Works for iPad
    a new, convenient and easy to use way to create documents and fillable forms of any type and complexity from scratch, with very powerful functionality

    General Idea
    All existing text editors use the same approach, which can be called "typewriter" approach – first the text and everything else is just addition. We offer more functional and convenient approach, especially as for tablet. It is based on controlling each element of the document as an independent object.
    We call it "object" approach for document creation.

    Using it you can design and build any document or form. You can create beautiful and functional documents ,forms and templates which can be used over and over again.


    Crystal Works Objects
    For your convenience we offer a wide range of tools in the product, which can be accessed by tapping the orange flag in the upper right corner of the screen or just swipe left in the Creator mode.

    Crystal works has following instruments:

    • Text — field with flexible text and font customization
    • Input — text entry field for use in fill mode
    • Table — table with calculation feature. To enter formula mode, just type "=" in any cell
    • CheckList — supports multiple and single choice
    • DropDown — classic drop down list
    • Date — field lets you choose the date and time in different formats
    • Image — an image, can be chosen both in creator and fill mode
    • Shapes — many shapes available
    • Line — just a line.
    • Draw — simple draw tool (can be used as Signature)
    You can create any document or form easily and quickly using these customizable instruments. You can set up any instrument using settings window, which can be opened by pressing the "i" button.

    There are pre-installed examples of what can be created using Crystal Works.
    Fill mode
    After finishing a document or a form you can fill it. The filled version will be saved on the Archive screen.

    you can upload created documents to the Dropbox or send them via email in Crystal Works format in both editable and fill-only modes, and in not fillable PDF format.


    Some Crystal Works features:
    Table with spreadsheet capabilities
    — Crystal Works is the first document and form creating application to have such functions.

    Arrange control — new and way to change location of the objects by layers. You can open it by tapping the button with the object's name on the bottom-bar.

    Document guidelines — help to place objects throughout the document. Just tap the ruler and the guideline will appear, tap it again to delete.

    Object guidelines — help users to place objects relative to others.

    Auto-save — every action is very important during the work with our app. That's why Crystal Works saves your work automatically.

    Grouping — possibility to group objects and work with groups.

    It is just a short and far not complete list of useful and interesting features of the Crystal Works.

    Crystal Works is far more than usual app to work with documents. It is the first application on the App Store that lets user create fillable forms.It is the application, that provides innovative and comfortable approach to create documents. And we are working everyday to improve and to develop it.

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    [TD]Crystal Works for iPad — Download from the App Store — 14,99 $[/TD]

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    Hi there and welcome,

    That looks like a pretty cool app but please check out the forum posting rules for Devs. I've moved your post to the correct section and removed the external wouldn't want to fall foul of those pesky forum rules would you?

    The Archangel

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