CRUX Crosswords (Universal/$4.99) - $0.99 until Dec 5

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    CRUX Crosswords was recently named "the best crossword app for the iPad" in the Wired App Guide. We've recently gone Universal, and to celebrate we're having a $0.99 sale until Monday, December 5.


    Feature Highlights:
    * Universal app runs on all but first-generation iPhone and iPod touch devices
    * Solve American- and British-style crossword puzzles
    * Download links for thousands of free and premium online crossword puzzles
    * All-new, exclusive starter puzzles from Andrew Ries included
    * Puzzles are stored for offline solving
    * Separate profiles for multiple users sharing an iPad
    * Newspaper-like presentation; write in pen or pencil
    * Innovative features for intuitive touchscreen crossword solving
    * Multiple clue list modes to help the user to focus on specific parts of the puzzle
    * Automated highlighting of related clues
    * A variety of configuration options to accommodate novice and advanced users
    * In-app purchase for exclusive puzzles from independent constructor Brendan Emmett Quigley
    * Many more online sources and in-app purchase puzzle packs planned

    More information can be found on the app store: App Store - CRUX Crosswords

    Please ask if you have any questions.

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