CrowdGame Trivially - free real-time party quiz iPad app for up to 11 players

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    Hi Folks - I'd like to introduce you to a new free app, CrowdGame Trivially, that turns your iPad into a mini-game console for you and your crowd, showing who’s playing, quiz questions, countdown clock, and real-time results for all to see.

    Visit for a direct link to the Apple App Store, or search for "CrowdGame Trivially" in iTunes.

    Up to 11 players can join the game by browsing to on their iOS devices (iOS 4.2 and above). Once joined, Trivially instantly introduces that person into the game with a unique avatar, which is displayed on the iPad and on each Player’s screen. The iPad and all players' devices must be on the same Wifi network.
    As questions are displayed on the iPad, players use their iOS devices as mini-game controllers to select their guesses before the countdown clock reaches zero. As each player responds to a question, that player’s avatar appears on the iPad screen, so other players know the state of play.When all players have responded (or the countdown clock reaches zero), the correct answer is revealed on the iPad screen. Each player’s screen is instantly updated to show whether that player guessed correctly or not.On their screens, players also see scores and standings, and can also start, pause, continue, or restart the game.

    Trivially will also work with an external display connected to your iPad 2, for big screen excitement!Of course, you can also play directly on the iPad in single-user mode, whenever you’d like.

    Trivially is packed with great trivia content, and can be expanded with downloadable free and for-purchase trivia packs. To start with, Trivially offers hundreds of free questions in 6 topic areas. That’s hours of non-stop competition!

    You can also buy more great trivia packs instantly... currently there are more than 1000 more questions available in 12 trivia topic packs (in Sports, Literature, Science, History, Geography), and more will be added regularly.Free and for-purchase trivia packs are listed on the “Start Game†page in the app, and as new trivia packs become available, the list will be updated.

    Thanks, and please check it out, and drop a line to let us know what you think!

    - Steve (the developer :)

    PS: Trivially Console is a CrowdGame title by Hyperbotic Labs, Inc. Visit for more information and screenshots. We offer support via toll-free phone number and email (

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