Crazy Calculator Full--Change the way you use calculator

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    Crazy Calculator Full --Change the way you use calculator
    At first glance, it is a calculator which can meet your basic computing needs, including addition/subtraction and multiplication/division and trigonometric and exponential/logarithmic.

    At the second eye, it is a thinking Calculator with rich famous aphorism and proverbs, which bring you a way to learn how to think of life, experience life and enrich your mind!!

    Actually, it is a racing game in where you can pursuit speed and challenge yourself. Here, you can experience the pleasure of speed and the joy of victory in a easiest way.

    Not too many complex operations, and not too many dazzling colors, Crazy Calculator is seeking the king of speed with the most original way. Are you?

    Come on and challenge yourself. Here, you are the winner, you are the King that people admire!!!

    Simplicity is a pursuit , Computing is a demand, Thinking is a fun, Speed is a beyond.

    And you're the wanted protagonist!!!

    The Crazy Calculator - subvert your calculator and change the way you use the calculator!!!

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