Crash Craving by Digital Touch Games

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    Crash Craving is a quirky physics-based puzzle game for the iOS that has been released on July 15th, 2011. The game features a lovable orange chameleon fittingly named Mango. Mango is in search for food and he comes across jars of flies in a... French cafe? That’s a classy meal right there and Mango knows how to get it. If you enjoy wreaking havoc in a fancy cafe by swinging like Tarzan with a super long sticky tongue, you’ll love this game. There are 50 levels to play through which is sure to provide hours of fun for just a single dollar on the iTunes app store.

    Search for Crash Craving HD for the iPad version!

    About Digital Touch Games:
    Digital Touch Games is a new Indie Game Developing Company based in Vancouver. The seven founders are graduate students from the Centre for Digital Media. They have developed and published their first game Crash Craving, not only learning about the development process and gaining valuable experience for future career opportunities, but also the benefits and challenges of creating and owning a small company. Digital Touch Games was formed out of a necessity to properly publish the iPad game Crash Craving to the app store.

    Visit our company website @
    Crash Craving (@CRASHCRAVING) on Twitter
    and Fan our Crash Craving page on Facebook!

    Airlia, Alice, Mo, Carmen, Jeff, Nick, Shahrzad

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