Could a Wireless Inductive Charger be on the Way From Apple?

Discussion in 'Apple iPad News' started by Maura, Sep 28, 2012.

By Maura on Sep 28, 2012 at 11:44 AM
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    MacDailyNews reports on a couple of interesting developments that could indicate that Apple has plans in the iOS dock line. Although they note that Phil Schiller poured cold water on the idea of Apple marketing a wireless inductive charger any time soon, MacDailyNews points out that there are a couple of signs that point to the possibility. For starters, there’s the curious matter of the iPhone 5 guide mentioning an iPhone Dock, as pictured above, despite the fact that Schiller has said via email that Apple does not have any plans for an iPhone 5 dock. Why mention it in the guide then? Or is it just a printing error? Of course even if Apple does turn out to be secretly planning to release an iPhone 5 dock, it doesn’t mean that it’s a wireless inductive charging one. However, MacDailyNews has also unearthed a patent application from Apple that shows that Apple has at least been trying out designs for a wireless inductive charging dock, on which you’d be able to charge multiple devices at once. Only question is, will it be here sooner rather than later, if at all?

    Many thanks to forum Super Moderator Thomasjtsi for the heads up on this story.

    Source: Apple’s iPhone 5 User Guide refers to ‘iPhone Dock’ while new patent application reveals wireless inductive charging dock – MacDailyNews - Welcome Home
    Apple Reveals In-Depth Inductive Charging Dock - Patently Apple


Discussion in 'Apple iPad News' started by Maura, Sep 28, 2012.

    1. thewitt
      Apple has thousands of patents, many of which were granted more than 10 years ago and have not seen the light of day. Though its an interesting data point, I would not start getting rid of all your cables any time soon.
    2. AQ_OC
      Why do we want this? I don't see the advantage of this unless it can charge several devices at the same time. How is that going to fit into the apple ecosystem? Not many need an iPhone and an iPod and a charger for an iPhone and an iPad would seemingly be pretty large.

      Some notions sound good but in reality don't pan out as useful. We shouldn't want it just because it is new.
    3. thewitt
      I don't want it. I much prefer being able to use my device while its charging.
    4. zstairlessone
      It will actually be pretty nice to have a dock on the desktop that has no wires leading to it and is still able to charge. If Apple doesn't do it someone else should (or will), but it probably won't have the simple beauty and functionality of something designed by Apple
    5. AQ_OC
      Someone will have to make it and show how useful it is or can be. I can be converted into a believer, but right now I'm dubious. And I think Apple is/was too.
    6. lemieuxfan67
      I believe the sentence is referring back to the Dock Connector to USB cable that is included with the iPhone 4S and earlier.

      At least that is how I understood it.

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