converting 5.1 to stereo on movies

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    Hi newbie here for the most part i consider myself reasonably techie,
    After pulling some torrents recently i come across that many more of them are using 5.1 for the audio leaving me without voices. I use VLC as my media player and it works for the most part. Does anyone know of a program that will let me down mix the 5.1 to normal stereo for on the ipad? I've read through the last 20 pages and most people agree handbrake is the best which im trying now but man does it take a while. I'm not having any problem with the video its the audio I;d like to change. Any suggestions? Thanks in advance. I;m hoping i cn put my 64gbs to good use finally. Or on the flip is there a worthwhile media player that would be able to handle the 5.1 audio and code it down on the fly? VLC desktop can do this but there is very little customization for the vlc ipad.

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