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    I note this thread is where recommendations are made, but whatever spamming is, I don't want to be accused of it,simply on the grounds of a recommendation, but....................

    Thanks to a tip somewhere, I have AppZapp pro installed and umpteen times during the day, I look and see what has been released. I've set it to show anything free for ipads. Last night before going to sleep, I tollk one last look and saw something called Active Voice, it read ok, so installed it knowing that if it wasn't for me, it would be dumped.

    Initially you are presented with a microphone and you're requested to grant access to ipad microphone which I agreed. Above the mike, is a National emblem, in my case, the UnionFlag, you in the States would see the Stars & Stripes, likewise any other countries emblem.

    Once this is to your choice, Press a button and talk away. The speech is converted into text. An arrow points you to select what to do with the text.I clicked on email. Started typing my email address and auto brought it up, the text was there, clicked send and that was it.

    Opening my email account, there was my spoken word converted into text on email.

    Whilst I haven't re-invented the wheel, I have found something that will allow my wife, who is a non user of the internet, to sit a chat to our daughter abroad, I can then convert it to text and send. I think it could have many uses, only time will tell if it does.

    OH, if you go to App Store and enter Active Voice, it is top of list.

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