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    Greetings , i have my ipad hooked on a big screen TV with ( A/V cables the one that got the RED / YELLOW / WHITE - cables on the other side ) , i use my ipad to watch netflix and videobrowser to watch movies on the internet and sometimes IMDB but sadly after the imdb latest update app it somehow dont work anymore on the TV . i hope puffin browser will implement the feature that videobrowser has which works on my TV when playing movies.

    anyone know of an app to control the ipad from my mac book pro , they should implement an iTunes feature for it wirelessly or something from apple themselves because this will be really handy , right now i have to get my self up everytime an walk towards the ipad an do the procedure manually , i heard in some back thread about the same requirement but sadly the folks their replied with = why do u want such of a thing , well u got ur answers now folks .

    the old post thread is how to remote control iPad . i cant post links since i just registered for this inquiry

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