Connector/Hardware fault with Ipad 3G/32

Discussion in 'iPad Help' started by maxxed, Aug 4, 2010.

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    I am extremely disappointed and would appreciate any help. I have owned my Ipad for just over 2 weeks and have just landed in Thailand. I had thought this would be the ideal travel companion.

    Unfortunately it seems I have a lemon. I am unable to get it recognized on any PC, here is what I have tried:

    1. Windows 7 laptop, on all 3 USB ports. Have used the apple cable, as well as an aftermarket griffen cable. In both cases, there is no reaction whatsoever on the PC or Ipad. This is the same Win7 laptop I have used for 2 weeks without problem.

    2. Have tried on a colleagues laptop as well (also win7) with the same result.

    3. Have reinstalled itunes

    4. I purchased the aftermarket apple wall charger and dock. When connected to the wall, the Ipad indicates 'not charging'.

    5. I have reset the ipad as per instructions in other threads. I have even gone so far as to delete all the apps and data (via setting, general, reset).

    At the moment it is showing the 'connect to itunes' graphic and i cant get it to connect to anything.

    I am really at my wits end. I believe I have read all the threads and kb articles. I have checked device manager to see if its a driver problem, but nothing happens in the DM to indicate anything is even plugged in. The USB ports work as they show a flash drive and card reader working.

    I can only conclude that my unit is a dud?

    As a last resort before returning it I am hoping someone can give me some advise.

    One important note is that it seems this behavior started after updating to the 3.2.1 (firmware).

    Can anyone help?

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