Conflicting Verizon data usage statistics

Discussion in 'iPad Carriers' started by normsipad2, Jun 12, 2011.

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    I have an Ipad2 with wifi + Verizon 3G and am paying for 1 GB/month.

    When I go into settings/cellular data and view my account data by logging in, right now I get status: 449 MB used,575 MB left for 20 days). When I go into settings/general/usage, under cellular network data it currently says 126MB sent and 760 MB received, totalling 886 MB. I reset these latter usage totals to zero at the beginning of the billing cycle so they should not represent cumulative totals. I had similar but smaller discrepancies the previous month (my first with the ipad).

    Can someone explain why those two totals are so different? When I called VErizon Wireless they told me the larger usage total included wifi and that the number I got from logging into the acct was accurate. I've been using my Ipad2 exclusively while travelling and have had almost no wifi access so I find this explanation dubious and am worried that Verizon is just slow in updating its acct info and I will get dinged big time at the end of the month.

    Any explanations would be welcomed.

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