Commander: The Great War Coming to iPad on July 25

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    Pocket Tactics has some fantastic news for real-time strategy war gaming fans today, with the announcement that Commander: The Great War is finally coming to iPad on July 25. The release date has already been pushed back once, so fingers crossed that this one holds.

    The turn-based strategy game is the creation of The Lordz Games Studio, which also makes Panzer Corps, and already has a massive following on PC and Mac.

    With the storyline being set during the World War I, players get to control either the Entente Allies or the Central Powers, trying to defeat the opposition on the battlefield by commanding your troops, assigning production tasks, and directing research.

    By all accounts, this could be the greatest combat game ever to grace the iPad, especially with publisher Slitherine saying that gameplay will be exactly the same ast the PC/Mac version. Here are some of the key features to feast your eyes on, courtesy of Slitherine.


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