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    Color known patterns on the taste, feel the present of artists.

    You ever wanted to create an unforgettable work of art? With this unique collection of patterns of a coloring which envelops broad range of styles and movements, fans of painting of all age, can experiment now this coloring, changing colors and shades of the most known masterpieces of art. In a series black-and-white images of the art treasures written by the greatest artists in the history among which Botticelli, Vermeer, Goya, Decontaminates, Van Gogh and Picasso.

    To color these magnificent patterns, young artists can use all opportunities of our program. Selecting any color from very rich palette, to regulate density and paintbrush thickness. And I leaked to increase the image for more detail plotting. But if you decided to write the masterpiece - that safely select one of five available pure canvases. Also create the masterpiece.

    And simply you remember that there is no correct or wrong method to color these artworks. Research own creative potential, mixing different styles and artists. Why to you not to try Puantilistichesky technique Sulfur on painting of other artists and to look at what will turn out? Or, change gloomy from the point of view of El Greco color and tone to Toledo to see effect of this free interpretation.



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