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    I am taking a "blended" class because since I can't be in-class all the time due to my work schedule, I am still "there" anyway. The class relates to computers. One website that either my instructor or a classmate of mine came across was (I can't post websites because my post count is low). In this way, due to my hearing impairment, I can watch videos with subtitles (closed-captioning) for those who are deaf and/or HOH (hard-of-hearing). And... since I own my Apple iPad (64 GB Wifi+3G model), I have my CC device set to "ON". However, when watching an online video, such as youtube, why doesn't CC work on my iPad? Is this a bug or something that has not been developed yet? With that website , click on "Web Samples"), I am able to watch CC regardless of language setting (English as my default, of course!). Is the new iPad (Gen. 2) coming out? If so, will it MAKE Closed-captioning work by then? Thank you!


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