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China Bookstore (written in chinese) on the iPad

Discussion in 'iPad Apps' started by Yuankuu, Sep 18, 2012.

  1. Yuankuu

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    Sep 18, 2012
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    China Bookstore (written in English) on the iPad

    icon72.png China Bookstore for iPad on the iTunes App Store

    -The most comprehensive bookstore about China’s panorama in English.

    -The items include Chinese kung fu/ Tourism /Diet/ Culture /Art /History, etc. From here you can read in ancient China(such as Poetry of the Tang Dynasty/Peony Pavilion/Palace of Eternal Life/Romance of the Western Chamber) and Modern China(such as China Emerging、Dialogue Between Nations、Chinese Food).
    -All books have exclusive authorized by China authority English books publishing house:Foreign Languages Press and China Intercontinental Press.

    From here, let’s share and explore China together.

    Seven reasons to try China Bookstore:
    -The largest number: 200+books, by far the maximum books in App store and keep rising
    -The most abundant items: including Chinese culture/History/Literature and art language of traditional/ Chinese medicine health care /National religious /Folk /Contemporary Chinese situation
    -The East-West fusion UI design: Excellent graphic and text show the charm of Oriental culture.
    -Synchronization sale: New books will be on line for the first time.
    -Good price: Published book 50% - 60% discount.
    -Most exclusive: Collecting numbers of Chinese ancient books and paintings in English
    -Personalized experience: 1)Many ways to find and download the book you want
    2) Record your reading progress
    3) Pull page can add bookmark
    4) Wifi transfer,making it to a multi-functional reader.
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