Chillingo Draws on Success to Bring Doodle Invasion HD to App Store

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    Chillingo has such a great reputation as publisher these days after such huge successes as Angry Birds and Cut the Rope, that an announcement of a new Chillingo game appearing on the App Store is always a cause for a little extra excitement, and by the looks of today’s release, Doodle Invasion, one of two to hit the store from Chillingo (with the other being universal iOS game, Agents!) Chillingo could well have another addictive hit on its hands.

    Doodle Invasion HD, developed by MaxNick, features a gigantic space ship that drops a non-stop army of little green alien Invaders into the sea. It’s your job to draw a breaker with your finger and then use it to trap and gather up the little aliens, then steer them towards a nearby boat which will suck them up. Hopefully by doing so, you can prevent them from reaching the shores of Doodle Bay. It’s a doodle defense game where you’ll need to use your brains as well as your fingers. You can only draw one breaker at a time and you’ll have a lot of Invaders to deal with, so be careful!

    You can download Doodle Invasion HD for iPad for $1.99/£1.19 by clicking here: Doodle Invasion HD for iPad on the iTunes App Store

    Lite and iPhone versions are also available.

    Source: Chillingo

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