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    As this is the first Super Bowl since the iPad was released, and therefore the first time you get the chance to enhance your viewing pleasure with your iPad, here’s some suggestions of apps that you might like to try when watching the big game courtesy of TechCrunch. All of the apps are free. Simply click on the app name to download anything that you like the look of:

    First off we have the official app, Super Bowl XLV, which is actually more for those who are in Dallas attending the game, as it features a 3D map of Cowboys Stadium and the surrounding area, plus details of official events being held in the area.

    Next up we have a very cool idea, an official Super Bowl XLV Program app, which gives you the actual Super Bowl program for free. Looks fantastic too.

    And last but most definitely not least we have Flipboard: Apple’s iPad App of the Year and one of TIME’s top 50 innovations of 2010 is already a fantastic way of keeping track of your social media feeds anyway, but they’ve excelled themselves this weekend with their dedicated Super Bowl on Flipboard Special Event package, which includes a list of feeds from Fox Sports from the likes of Nancy Gay, Jay Glazer and Adam Caplan, as well as an exclusive feed provided by CBS Sports and much more besides. Definitely your one-stop Super Bowl shop. Happy viewing!

    Source:TechCrunch The Super Bowl Apps/Websites So That You Can Pretend You’re Into The Game While Looking At Your Phone, iTunes
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    I have not seen the mystery code for Angry Birds during the super bowl yet have anyone else seen it?

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