Chase Bank has Activated Over 1M Apple Pay Accounts Since the Service Launched

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    JP Morgan Chase is the largest bank in the United States, thus having millions of iOS users. The company was among the first ones to announce support for Apple Pay. During a recent conference call, JPMorgan Chase executives announced that Chase Bank has activated over one million Apple Pay accounts since the service launched last year.

    The bank also revealed some interesting statistics about Apple Pay. According to them, the average Apple Pay user is nine years younger and makes 21% more money than its average customers. Also, Apple Pay users also used their credit cards more often, and were more inclined to add a credit card than a debit card to their account.

    Eileen Sierra, CEO of Chase Card Services, also revealed that the financial company has seen "good growth" in the number of its customers provisioning their cards on Apple Pay. She added:

    "We were an early participant of Apple Pay. We do continue to see good growth in the number of consumers that are provisioning Chase cards in their Apple Pay wallet. We've been excited about the feedback we've gotten in terms of the great customer experience. As more merchants adopt, I would expect to see more traction here, as well."

    Apple has recently added support for 19 new banks, bringing the total number of financial institutions supporting Apple Pay to over eighty.

    Source: JP Morgan Chase

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