Charged a second time for rain-alarm app

Discussion in 'iPad General Discussions' started by islandman, Nov 1, 2015.

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    Did you download the app from your purchased apps list? If so, you shouldn't have been charged again.
    Maybe a new version of the app replaced the one you bought and the original was removed from the App Store.

    I keep a complete collection of all my purchased apps in the iTunes library on my computer and just sync whichever ones I choose to my iPad. This way I've still got the app, even if it's been pulled from the App Store or the price has changed.
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    To expand on SciFan's explanation: because I already typed it before I read SciFan's post: :eek:

    Sometimes developers publish an update as a new app. Because Apple does not allow for update pricing, this is the only way for some developers to make enough money to stay in business.

    This is probably why you have two icons, and got charged. They are actually two different apps in the app store, by the same developer. Whether you think the developer did enough work to justify charing for the app again is a personal decision; but keep in mind that if developers are going to continue to support an app, they need to continue to make money from that app.

    This practice is becoming more common. Ad revenue is decreasing (per ad), leaving developers with the choice of increasing the number of ads (with unpleasant results for the user), or finding anther ways to pay the bills. Charging for the app again is one of those methods. Another is to add a subscription price for premium features or content.

    It is important to keep an eye on the status of an app when purchasing. If it is a re-download, you won't get a Buy or Get button. Instead you'll see a cloud icon with a down arrow. Another way to make sure you only re-downloading an already purchased app is to use the Purchased tab in the App Store, and download it from there.

    Sometimes older apps won't appear in an iTunes search. This usually means the developer has pulled the old version, because they don't want any new sales of the old app. With few exceptions you can still find the app in the Purchased tab and download the older version.
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