Charge your iPad at newly installed solar-powered charging stations in New York

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    In an attempt to bring citizens closer to a cleaner way of harvesting energy for their daily needs, AT&T just communicated that it will install 25 solar-powered charging stations for mobile devices (which includes iOS devices like iPhones and iPads) in New York City.

    The eco project will kick start in partnership with the solar power establishment Goal Zero and Pensa Design and has been nicknamed Street Charge. The locations in which the technology will start appearing are pretty popular ones and are very intensively circulated. The 25 stations will go in Union Square, Brooklyn Bridge Park, Coney Island, Riverside Park and Hudson River Park.

    President and CEO of Goal Zero who was in charge of ​​designing the technology stated:

    “Nearly half of all Americans own a smartphone, and the amount of time we spend on handheld devices has increased dramatically. All too often, we hear the dreaded low-battery beep and it happens at the most inconvenient times. Street Charge will fix that."

    The technology runs thanks to its 15-watt solar panels and a 168 watt-hour battery and accommodates a 30-pin and Lightning plug for iOS devices and micro-USB for Android and Windows phones. The system according to which the stations are built is extremely efficient allowing them to be powered and running for a couple of days at least, without any further solar exposure.

    The program was birthed in the aftermath of the Sandy disaster when it was noticed that a lot of people were forced to charge their devices in distribution centers which were powered by generators.

    Source: AppleInsider

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    LOL . . . "While I was charging my iPad at a newly installed solar-powered charging station in New York, someone stole my iDevice." Is that the next headline?

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