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    my wife and i have the same acct info(billing and address) in itunes. she wants to have separate account.

    so,,,how can we do this as easily as possible?
    since our account was compromised, i think it best that we junk the old combined account and have separate new one.

    i assume the icloud acct, which we've never used and which keeps annoyingly popping up for sign-in, will also have to be dealt with??

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    While she can set up her own separate Apple ID and iCloud account, none of the iTunes content purchased or downloaded on the old account will be available to her new account. There is one exception, Home Sharing, which will allow her to stream and download iTunes content connected to the current account on her new account as soon as it's set up. Use Home Sharing to share iTunes content with other devices - Apple Support

    She'll have to set up her own iCloud account as well. The first step in setting up her new accounts is for her to set up her own email account and payment method that's separate from the one used for the current shared account.

    The email address and password associated with the old account can be changed to stop anyone from having unauthorized access to the account.

    Change your Apple ID - Apple Support

    Change your Apple ID password - Apple Support

    What to do after you change your Apple ID email address or password - Apple Support
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