Cascadia Games’ GameDock Connects iPhone to Your TV for Classic Retro Gaming

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    Engadget has a feature today on a new device that will excite retro gaming fans everywhere. This Kickstarter project from Cascadia Games is called GameDock, and lets you connect your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch to your TV for some classic retro style gaming, complete with two NES-style controllers, so you can play along with your friends as well. As you can see from the video at the top of this post, it works really well. You simply plug your iOS device into the GameDock, and then plug the GameDock into your TV, just as you would a games console. The GameDock is designed to be compatible with iCade games, and for dock-ready games featuring two-player support and full 1080p HDTV output. If you like the look and idea of this Kickstarter project, then check out the page via the link below, and maybe even have a go at backing it yourself – they need to raise $50,000 to get the project underway.

    Source: Insert Coin: GameDock lets your iPhone interface with a TV and controllers, game it old school -- Engadget
    GameDock for iPhone, iPad, and iPod Devices by Cascadia Games LLC — Kickstarter

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