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    my new ipad stoped working not backedup and i cant make myself factory restore it so im stuck with ipad 2 very lagy nothing works on it not even ebooks most of them the ones in ibooks works. when trying to open books from web in ibooks kindle send to kindle email kobo blio and pdfs in adobe asuming i cant read them on skydrive dropbox or evernote or another cloud ? cant put bookmarks on read on web books
    have ios 4.3 so cant download new apps maybe they will open in pocket or readability ?
    dont know what convert to what most of are epub few are pdf
    amazon dont give many free non classics books same with kobo bn is for nook and bookshout seems to be chritian books? gutenberg has thousends but im not sure i want to read them
    anyhow nothing opens besides the classics in ibooks
    also frastrated cant find books in hebrew but thats another topic also the hebrew app shop from new ipad doesnt open purcheses in old ipad same username and they actualy didnt answer me also had missing book cover in bought book
    also lots of ebooks i download are damged like missing table of content or they jump on pc to finished and other weird problems with the boosk or the readers but thats on pc
    is the old ipad and ios or corupted books? some of them seems to be semi ok on pc

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