Can't delete Apps.

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    Have recently purchased an ipad 2 and am delighted with it. Had no problems setting it up and everything was fine until I tried to delete an app and found no x appeared in the top corner of the icon. I went to 'Restrictions' to see if I could sort it out, but it asked for a password. Being the first time I have visited 'Restrictions' it should have asked me to set up a pass word. Will I now have to completely reset back new and start again, and can I get back my apps (I have synched to my computer so I have a backup. This is a new machine not second hand. Any ideas?
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    Hi, welcome to iPF!

    If you can't delete apps, somehow you or someone else must have enabled this in Restrictions before.

    Another thought:
    Although this is a new iPad: did you use a backup from an "old" device to set it up? Settings will be transfered to the new iPad with the backup (although I'm not sure whether or not restrictions are backed up as well).

    If you don't know the password, you'll have to restore your iPad. The apps won't be lost, because you'll always find them in App Store - Purchased, even without a backup.
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