Can't change security code info in account

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    Keep getting message that the security code on my card is not being accepted. I know I have the right card and number. Have been using it since I got the IPAD 2 in March of this year. Contacted apple and they can't talk to me on the phone because my phone help is expired (?)..have to either pay $29.99 for one time help or buy applewear which does not cover too much for $79.99. Emailed support which sent me to the link with information to reset the account followed everything to the letter still the same issue. I can't update any apps or download new apps until problem is fixed. How do I reset the account with the correct information? Has anyone had this problem and is able to help?
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    Jan 8, 2011
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    Sounds like an iTunes account problem, not an iPad problem. You want the billing and account support for iTunes. That is generally free, since you're basically clearing up problems that don't allow you to spend money.

    If you can't find what you want here:

    Apple - Support - iTunes

    Try contacting the Apple Online Store support: If they can't help you they should at least be able to tell you who to call or email. Be sure to make it clear that the problem is with authenticating your card, not a malfunction of the iPad.

    Apple - How to Contact Us
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