Canalys Claims Apple has Shipped Nearly 7 Million Apple Watches

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    A new report coming from analytics firm Canalys suggests that Apple has already shipped nearly 7 million Apple Watches. The publication mentions that no other vendor even managed to ship 300,000 units. The report adds the following:

    "Apple continues to dominate the smart watch market, holding onto its sizable lead through the second quarter of Apple Watch shipments. The company has now shipped nearly 7 million smart watches since launch, a figure in excess of all other vendors’ combined shipments over the previous five quarters. In Q3 Apple was the only smart watch vendor to ship more than 300,000 units."

    Canalys also mentions that Pebble Time Steel helped the company ship more than 200,000 total smart watches, while Samsung’s Gear shipments declined ahead of the Q4 release of the Gear S2. The firm said that "all eyes will be on Apple Watch sales during the Q4 holiday quarter as a barometer of the strength of the nascent smart watch market".

    Analyst Daniel Matte said the following:

    "After experiencing significant supply chain constraints early on, Apple managed to overcome its production struggles with the Apple Watch and is building momentum going into Q4. Shipments are steadily increasing as it has greatly expanded the Watch’s channel footprint internationally."

    VP and Principal Analyst Chris Jones added his input, as well:

    "watchOS 2 has brought native apps to the platform, and new colors and styles have refreshed the lineup, but Apple needs to continue to generate demand six months after launch."

    So far, Apple has been reluctant to provide exact numbers on Watch sales, choosing to group them with several other product categories. Previous estimates with regards to total Apple Watch sales range from 3 million to 6 million.

    Source: Canalys
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