Can you recommend some less well known stylus manufacturers?

Discussion in 'iPad Wallpapers' started by garlicipad, Dec 12, 2011.

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    I am interested in the stylus choices that don't repeatedly come up as Google results, can you tell me any? Maybe some crazy Chinese websites that have silly/wacky stuff?

    At the moment I like the JAVO ipad stylus because it can be stored in the 30 pin connector socket when not in use. It sure is tiny though and I plan to you is for painting. Does anyone use the tiny JAVO stylus? Do you paint with it for extended periods of time?

    For the artists a quick question please :p

    can you recommend a normal size stylus for painting on the iPad? The best stylus for me would require the least amount of pressure to work effectively.

    thanks a bunch :thumbs:
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    thanks, SweetPoison :)

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