can i use the iPad2 if i do not have a computer?

Discussion in 'iPad General Discussions' started by vactor, Apr 3, 2011.

  1. vactor

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    Apr 3, 2011
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    i want to use just the ipad and get rid of my home computer. all i do is surf and email. but i was setting up my mom's and it required me to install iTunes on her pc. if i do not want itunes, or even have a home computer, can i still use the ipad2 on wifi?? seems redundant if i need a computer in order to be able to use the ipad. but i could not find a way around the setup screen that had me connect my mom's to her computer ...

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    Jan 3, 2011
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    Good to hear from you. You’ll find a whole bunch of iPad enthusiasts in this Forum who are only too willing to help other iPad owners and to hear of their experiences. Don’t be afraid to post any questions you may have or use the ‘Search’ button near the top of the Forum web page. I usually find I discover one new interesting and useful piece of information about my iPad every day - and often not even what I was looking for!!

    Technically the answer to your question is 'yes' - you could use your iPad without a home computer because the Apple Store would perform this initialisation step for you. But then you'd have no way of easily backing up your apps, videos, music, photos etc and would risk losing them all in the event of a fault with your iPad. The iPad was not designed to replace your existing computer but was rather intended, as Steve Jobs said, as a 'third way' - a better way of doing some things. I suspect you won't find many iPad users who only have an iPad and don't have a 'regular' computer - but I'm sure there are some, though.

    Hope to hear from you soon with your thoughts about the iPad.

    Have fun and enjoy your iPad

    If you don’t already have it you can download a copy of the iPad manual for free.

    Apple - Support - Manuals

    It’s free too.

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    Tim is right. Although, technically, a pc is only needed for first start up of iPad, as it sets it up. If u not pressed about backing up data and syncing media, then u won't need a pc other than first bootup. There are workarounds for most things iTunes does, whether stock or Jailbroken. I never use my desktop except to jail brake. Had my iPad for almost a year now without need of iTunes. I can do most things within the iPad itself.

    Sent From IPF app, if u need to know about the wonders of Jailbrake, inbox me!

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