Can I take timed photos?

Discussion in 'iPad for Photographers' started by red_seal, Jul 13, 2014.

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    I was wondering if like it's possible to have the ipad go on a custom timer instead of the normal 5-4-3-2-1. Is there any way to customize that so I don't have to rush for a picture each time?
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    You must be talking about the PhotoBooth app, since the Camera app does not have a timer, as far as I know. Photo Booth started out as a Mac app, and was mostly about selfies (before selfies were a thing); which is why the timer is so short.

    There are numerous camera apps in the App store, many with extra features like timers. I have no personal experience with them; but in your place I'd probably start with one of these two.

    Camera+ is probably the most often mentioned and recommended app. It's an iPhone app, but should work on the iPad. Since it is for the iPhone the interface won't be as pretty as it could be, but that should not affect the quality of the photos. Cheap for the features, but not free.

    There are hundreds of camera apps, many for the iPad, many free. I recommend doing some searches in the App Store and reading the descriptions carefully.

    Camera Awesome pops up near the beginning of several searches, it's free, and I'm pretty sure it has a timer. It's ratings are not nearly as good as those for Camera+, but it does work natively on the iPad. The website has gone almost all Android centric, so I'm not sure. The in-app purchases are almost completely about filters.

    Anyway, either of these should do until you can find the ideal app for you.

    Good luck.
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