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    I use Outlook Calendar on my PC and sync it with my iPhone 6Plus and my iPad 4 (I only use iTunes, not the cloud). I generally set up recurring calendar entries (for instance, monthly meetings) on the PC and then sync with the two Apple devices. Sometimes, a particular monthly event gets canceled - I used to be able to delete that specific instance from any of the three devices and after an iTunessync was executed, the deletion took place on the two devices that still had the event listed. Recently, I get the inverse: I delete the event, and after the sync, it reappears on the device from which it was deleted. I even tried deleting on all three devices but it keeps coming back - very annoying and leads to confusion for my calendar. Can anyone help? Thanks, Var
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    Unless you have a compelling reason not to, I recommend you give up on syncing calendars and contacts though iTunes. It was never meant to work between more than one device and computer, and even then it has alway been plagued by conflict, duplication, and other issues. This is the nature of a sync system that has long periods between syncs (an hour is long). Multiple things can change, and when they do it's much harder to resolve the conflicts.

    Physical one-to-one syncing is a dying beast. You're not going to see it improved or updated, because everyone is too busy abandoning it.

    But, if you have to keep it, this is what I would try. Delete the entire calendar off of two devices. Correct it on the remaining one, then sync the devices over again from scratch.

    I can't even guess what the exact steps for this are these days. It's been years since I used iTunes to sync contacts and calendars. iCloud is reasonably secure, and way more reliable (at least when it comes to syncing calendars and contacts).

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