By 2014, Apple will sell to businesses iPads and Macs worth almost $40 billion

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    Even if we have just stepped into 2013, analysts have already started making sales estimates targeting the industry’s most notorious tech giants. For example, we have the new Forrester Research report, which claims that until 2014, Apple will deliver $39 billion worth of Macs and iPads to business across the word.

    Forrester claims that in the next couple of years we’ll see Cupertino sell $15 billion worth in Macs and $24 billion in iPads to the business sector. It has been reported that Apple has been lately selling a lot of tablets to government institutions, as well as public ones, such as schools or airports. Apparently, in the years to come, the company is going to be keeping the trend up.

    According to Forrester analyst, Andrew Bartels, Apple has become a noticeable presence in the corporate sector because the tech giant provides good quality products that employees are actually proud of using. Also, as far as tablets are concerned, the iPad has been rated by countless tops as the best of the best. And the competition pales in comparison to Apple. Granted, Android devices experienced a rise in percents in the business sector but it is still nothing when compared to Cupertino.

    Source: TechCrunch

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