buying IPAD for a friend and install games

Discussion in 'iPad Help' started by danlauz, Jun 22, 2011.

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    Hello. need your help. My friend wants me to buy him a IPAD and, configure it and most probably install him some games or program. the situation is, I know software and backup must be made on the computer he will normally use ITUNES. here is my question.

    Can I use ITUNE from my personnal computer (I have a iphone and a ipad also) only to configure-start his ipad and, from there, buy-download the applications directly from his ipad so, when I meet him, he would be able to plug his IPAD on his personnal computer and make a backup ?

    2nd question: should I create(on my own computer) his ITUNE account with the normal e-mail adress he will use on his personnal computer or, ITUNE will accept to have 2 e-mails adress related to this IPAD ?

    if this is not possible, I will wait to see him and, configure his personnal computer and, make the backup from there.

    thanks to help me

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