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    Thought I'd post my recent experience regarding the use of these more recent screen protectors which claim to be 100% Bubble free.

    The type I am referring only have the adhesive around the outer edge, and have a Black or coloured border, same as your iPad. (Good if you want to change the colour of your iPad) First I can confirm that they do indeed go on very easily and indeed are bubble free.

    However, these particular screen protectors only seem to come in 'matt, anti glare types' and as a consequence have one big downside, they make your iPad screen appear pixellated, resulting in a shimmering snow effect, so it almost looks like your watching a TV with a very poor signal like a snow effect across the screen

    I bought a bubble free protector last week for my wifes iPad, and noticed this effect on that when it was fitted, but preferable to the likely scratches which I'm sure it would end up with as she like many women she has qute long nails.. so perhaps worth a little screen degradation.
    However, I think I'll stick with using my iPad without screen protection, I used my iPad 1 for 18mths without a screen protector, and that's still like new... well... it was when I gave it the wife...lol
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    I agree. I was tempted to get one of those as well but was put off that there isn't one made that are crystal clear. I really wish they made crystal clear ones with that kind of screen protector. I've looked around and it's all anti glare. Bummer

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