Britannica’s Rainforests Brings an Educational World of Tropical Beauty to Your iPad

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    Rainforests is a brand new app for iPad and iPhone from Encyclopaedia Britannica, which lets kids explore the lush, tropical areas of the world, which are vital to the ecology of the planet, via a combination of games, puzzles, photo quizzes and high-quality information from Britannica’s expert editors.

    The app is primarily designed for students aged 8-14, although children as young as four can enjoy the app. Features include interactive games, such as magic-square puzzles, stunning videos and photography, articles on indigenous rainforest animals, from anaconda to toucan, quizzes, and hands-on maps showing where the world’s rainforests are located. Use the navigation wheel at the bottom of the screen to browse through all the features.

    Click here to download the app for $4.99: Britannica Kids: Rainforests for iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad on the iTunes App Store

    Source: Encyclopaedia Briannica

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