Bring Mac and Windows programs to your iPad with Parallels Access

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    Own an iPad but you miss your old Windows or Mac programs? No problem for Parallels. The virtualization software company has just released a service that lets users employ software like Word on their Apple tablets. And the results are really amazing.

    Parallels Access works like a remote-control for software. Basically, the applications you are running are mounted on a Windows PC or Mac you own and are located around the house/office as they are actually part of a local network or the Internet. So, when you use the applications you need on your iPad the other computer can’t be used for anything else. This might be the only disadvantage. But just try and see the glass half full. Birger Steen, CEO of Parallels s​​tated:

    “We are now in an always-on age where people are increasingly demanding access to their applications and data regardless of physical location. With Parallels Access, you can tap, swipe and pinch your way around Mac and Windows applications to ultimately be more productive at work, and lead a more connected life.”

    With Parallels Access you can do pretty much what you were able to do on any Windows or Mac computer. This means you will be able to run programs like Excel and Acrobat Reader and also all kinds of games. The product can also run iOS apps.

    To start using the apps you want, run the App Launcher which is similar to the iPad’s home screen. The space will be populated with major apps but you can add those you think are missing. The App Switcher allows you to run more than one app at the time and to switch between them.

    To take advantage of the service you will have to pay $79.99.

    Source: AppleInsider

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    This has a 90-day trial period and I am enjoying the heck out of it right now. I've got it tied into my Windows 7 PC and it's really neat how the programs I have on my PC are "appified."

    Oh, one cool thing, among many: you can copy a URL or bookmark on your PC (in the app), exit the app and paste that URL into Safari on the iPad (!). I may just be a sucker for new stuff, but I think this is really cool; remotely copying and pasting across devices.

    Yes, it's my humble opinion only, but I'm finding this to be one of the best (if not THE best) remote access app. Enough so that I'm thinking I will be signing up for the yearly subscription.

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    Way too expensive. Something cheaper wil come along. People should not buy high cost apps or producers will become even more greedy.
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    I have the trial copy of Parallels Access but can't get my Zagg keyboard to function properly with it. Anyone (a) had this problem and/or (b) found a fix?

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