Brain damaged patient speaks again with the help of an iPad

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    Technological advancements applied in the field of medicine have made it possible for yet another “miracle”. A man who suffered irreversible damage to his brain, and, as a consequence, has been left paralyzed and unable to communicate, has been given the opportunity to connect with his fellow human beings once again.

    Twenty years ago, the victim, Kevin Beverley who then lived in Barnsley was brutally beaten in an attack. The incident left him with brain injuries, broken bones and limbs and right body paralysis. As a consequence, he also lost his ability to verbally communicate. So far he has only been able to reach out to those around him by means of gestures and noises.​​

    However this all changed recently, when with the help of an iPad, he was restored to the possibility of being able to speak with family, loved ones and care givers.

    Beverley now uses an iPad touchscreen app called Grid Player that basically transforms text into speech. By using the tablet’s touch screen, he can now form words and sentences. The patient has experienced for the first time with the technology at the Carlton Center in Barnsley and the first thing he “said” after such a long time was “It is so good to be able to speak again”. He then asked for some tea and was able to talk about his likes and dislikes as any normal person would.

    The iPad also provides Beverley with some games that help him improve his hand-eye coordination skills.

    Source: BelfastTelegraph

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