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Discussion in 'iPad Hacking' started by OzzieB, Sep 25, 2010.

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    My iPad is jailbroken at 3.2.1 and I use BossPaper to change the background every 15 seconds randomly. Unfortunately, the backgrounds don't rotate with the iPad, and since I primarily use my iPad mounted to the dash in my car, I've settled on 1024x768 images in landscape orientation.

    My problem is that I'm now using it outside of my car more often, and the fact that the backgrounds are basically stuck in landscape orientation is really starting to bug me. Does anybody know of a way to make BossPaper backgrounds rotate? On my iPhone, SBRotator did the trick, but on the iPad it just causes the springboard to crash (probably because it conflicts with the built-in rotation). Any ideas?

    By the way, if anybody is curious - setting BossPaper to change the background so frequently has not had any negative effect on battery life.

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