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Discussion in 'iPad Mini Forum' started by mutant895, Jul 31, 2014.

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    Is this the app?

    I don't see any kind of import feature, so it's going to be a bit tedious no matter what you do, but you can avoid the typing, probably. It depends on how you have the notes stored on your Mac.

    If they are standard txt files, or can be exported as txt files, then you can use DropBox. Once the note is in DropBox you can try to use the Open In feature for each note. If that does not work you can probably copy&paste between the two apps.

    If DropBox does not work, you can go with the old email standby. Email the text, or file, to yourself. In Mail either try opening the file and using Open In (like with DropBox) or copy&paste tot he Codebook app.

    Given the nature of the Codebook app, you're probably worried about security as well. DropBox enjoys a decent amount of security both online and in transmission. Just don't put the files in the Public directory, and delete them as soon as you are done.

    Email is more problematic. It depends on your email provider. iCloud encrypts it's emails in transit and on the server (a recent change). I don't know about the other services.

    You can also contact the developers and ask them if they have a recommended method to import notes. Developer Website

    Good luck.

    Addendum: Just noticed that this is way off topic. It should probably be given it's own thread.
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    Yes, this is the app. that I am using. Very appreciative of your various suggestions. I will try and hope for the best.

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