Blurb helps you publish your photos eBooks for only $1.99

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    Blurb, online book publishing service, has launched a new way to publish photos in eBook form destined for iPads. The new books will have a templated form or a custom two-page layouts, that readers can swipe through, search the text of and zoom into full resolution pictures. Anyone who wishes to publish their photos in this way will have to pay $1.99 per book and will be able to keep 100% of the profits they make. Paper books are also an option at Blurb, but the print costs 10$ per book. When first launched, the eBooks will stay in Apple’s iBook app and will be available for offline reading, but the company says it aims to expand on other platforms soon.

    It hasn’t been mentioned if the books will benefit from Digital Rights Management or not, but our hopes are that they will, much like any other eBook, but the company said they will make a more detailed announcement soon. It is not yet known if the books will only be available for horizontal viewing only, but all those presented were shown as such, which could be annoying to some as most readers prefer more flexible eBooks.

    This is an easy and cheap way to share your photographs and it can also help you spread news about your artistic eye. The price is also a major attraction as a lower amount will attract a lot more buyers. So, if you sell them for $2 or $4, it’s pocket-change for the buyers, but the big benefit for you is that all the profit goes into your pocket. Sell 100 copies and you get $200-$400 into your account before you know it.

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