'Blood Bowl', a Popular Warhammer Fantasy Football Game, Comes to iPad this July

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    This July, get ready for an amazing iPad game, as Focus Home Interactive is releasing the Blood Bowl game to iPad users. This is an unusual turn-based strategy football game, based on the Warhammer series, where players can use the standard elven, dwarven, and orcish units to form teams.

    The difference between this game and the average football game is that it's possible to injure opposing players, but it's also a feature that many are looking forward to. Here's what the official announcement sounds like:

    The game won't be iPad-exclusive and it will get released for Android tablets, as well. Another cool feature is that in Multiplayer mode, you will be able to compete against a friend on in "Hotseat" or join the online community to challenge somebody from the millions of players that will log in once the game gets released.

    Source: Blood-Bowl

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