Blocksworld by Boldai - Lego meets Minecraft - Coming to the App Store!

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    Hey guys, I have to tell you about this completely awesome app I have been beta testing for the last 2 months called Blocksworld that will be coming to the App Store very soon, Nov 21 for Nordic contries, and soon after that the rest of the world. Let me just say that it is going to be huge. If you enjoyed playing with Legos as a kid, or adult, enjoy playing Minecraft, love building stuff, ever wanted to make a game, program a robot, invent, create, etc. Blocksworld is the tool to express that creative spark lurking inside of you and screaming to get out. I could say more but I will let you make up your own minds, head on over to their website at, google blocksworld, to learn more about the app and the 3 brilliant guys from Sweden behind it. Lets help these guys out, as they are a small start up company with a tiny marketing budget by getting the word out about this awesome app. Also, check out all of their youtube videos.At the very least, check out this new promo video they just released. If you want this in App Store in the US, send the guys an email, or just leave a comment on their FB page letting them know they have a huge audience over here waiting for this app, and they will get it here sooner rather than later.

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