BioShock on iOS Price Cut by A Quarter

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    If you’ve been holding off getting BioShock on iOS then now might be a good time to finally take the plunge, as MCVUK reports on the great news today that 2K has cut the price to £7.49, from the initial price of £10.49, making a saving of more than 25% of the original price.

    As for the reason for the price drop so soon after the game was released less than a month ago, there is no official explanation given, but MCVUK notes that 2K’s other premium iOS game, Civilisation Revolution 2, is still priced at £10.49 nearly three months after release.

    Some clues may possibly be found in the following quote from Take-Two CEO and president Strauss Zelnick, who was commenting on the viability of premium priced games in the App Store.

    “It remains to be seen. The smartphone obviously has some limitations, due to screen size and the need for it to be a touch interface. I’m more excited for tablets with an outside controller, and as tablets become more powerful, combined with a controller, you can certainly imagine them being a just as high quality game experience as the PC is now.”

    And as MCVUK notes, it could simply be that first-person shooter games such as BioShock are really not all that well suited to iOS devices, unlike a game such as Civilization Revolution 2, which lends itself much more readily.


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