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    Can someone please explain to me why it takes two trucks to execute one polyethylene contract?

    I have a batch of trucks but only 14 industrial buildings
    - 4 are farms that could only possibly use 1 truck at a time
    - 1 is a ranch, again one truck at a time
    - oil refinery = 1 truck
    - saw mill = 1 truck
    - paper mill = 1 truck
    - gem mine = 1 truck
    That's a total of 9 but the gem mine actually uses a dump truck.

    Then I have
    - a confectionary plant
    - a dairy factory
    - milling plant
    - weaving factory
    - furniture factory
    Even if each of these plants used 4 trucks, that's 20 trucks (although some of these trucks used would be milk trucks, wood trucks or fuel trucks) plus the 8 from the others for a total of 28 trucks

    But in my garage, I have 37 standard trucks plus a batch of others. I should easily have enough trucks to take care of all my contracts.

    Can someone please explain to me the allocation of trucks?

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