Best Recommended VPN for iPad Air?

Discussion in 'iPad Air Forum' started by SPROINGY, Nov 22, 2015.


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    Sep 25, 2015
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    I need a VPN for my iPad Air, iOS 9.1. I had one, got in a motorcycle accident with my tablet aboard, the VPN wouldn't work anymore after that, and their 'Support Team' is of no use. This goes back to late October.

    Do you use one that you can recommend? I'm not the expert, but for specs I'd like 256AES, I believe the best VPN is something like 'Open Source' VPN, and I'm located in the Far East/ Southeast Asia area, so it would be good to have some servers in this area.

    Are there any other specs I should consider?

    Yes, I have looked at the App Store, what I'm looking for here are personal recommendations.

    And, some of the VPN's I've seen at the App Store say they 'reserve the right to monitor network traffic'- which sounds to me like my network surfing is not private, that they can snoop on whatever I'm doing on th 'Net, am I right?

    This is getting to be a matter of some urgency, informed replies are greatly appreciated!

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